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 CPR Radio, Breathing Life Back Into Humanity one remedy and one voice at a time. Our shows air on Hamilton Radio the second Tuesday of each month. 9am pst and 12 noon est. Starting April 9, 2019 

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Life is too beautiful to waste. Dr. Chris & Rene’ show you how to live it to your best ability and n

 Compassion Path Radio (CPR) Breathing Life Back Into Humanity - All Cultures, Creeds, Religions and Races! Let's heal our Country and lives with kindness and share what has helped heal our souls, bodies and minds. 

These two women came together networking in 2014 as both were doing shows of their own, their friendship has grown into an amazing sisterhood of searching for remedy and compassion through adversity both have experienced. This program is one to show the amazing power of love and friendship and how both may propel you to the needed connections to heal and go on. With a determination to see American really great again and the people finding the remedies we all deserve, these two women exemplify the saying, "never give up!". Join the show and hear amazing guests who are coming forward in support of the show and the two women who are always seeking remedy to share with the world.

Dr. Chris Winsey


 Dr. Chris Winsey has spent decades helping others live better lives through techniques that include coaching  others to find happiness within using holistic remedies and more.  She previously co-hosted Adventures into Sovereignty with Rebecca Cope and their shows are still archived for you to hear. Dr. Chris is also a very good woman at re branding herself.  Through the trials of life she has maintained a positively loving approach to problem solving. 

Rene' Powers


 Rene’ Powers has become a professional at rebuilding her life. She has lived through  adversity that most would use as an excuse to stay in a depression and not go on.   Rene’ previously hosted the shows of  “One Mom on a Borough” and another with Carol Keihn, “Two Moms on a Borough”.  She has also been a guest on numerous other talk shows and blogs.  Rene' exudes tenacity and a strong will to see us all living happy and healthier full lives.

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